WEMPOWER is a technology that uses ocean waves to generate electricity and produce desalinated drinking water. This innovative patented technology is avaible to be tested and developed on an industrial level..

The system used to extract the electrical energy is called WEM (Wave Energy Module).

The system conceived to obtain desalinated water is called WOM (Wave Osmosis Module).

WEM and WOM are both simple modular systems that can work with large or small waves, they require waves just over 20 centimeters to function.

Tthe module has a spider-link structure: a central body with arms to which six floating devices are attached. The overall diameter is roughly six meters long.

The modules can, however, be redimensioned to optimize different wave patterns and sizes.

With the WEMPOWER technology, it is possible to create renewable energy by using the sea and without impacting the environment. The eco-friendly systems are at once non-intrusive, they occupying little space and resembling mussel culture plants, and highly efficient, operating 60-70% of the time (far better than similar system).

WEM and WOM should be positioned at mid-sea level, taking the tides into account, and installed near coastal areas os in the open sea. They should be rigidly attached (or anchored) to the bottom of the sea.

WEM - Wave Energy Module
WOM - Wave Osmosis Module
WEM - Wave Energy Module

WEM has floating devices that move with the waves. These floating devices transfer their potential energy to an internal device located inside the center of its structure. From here, specific mechanisms activate the rotation of a generator, which makes it possible to produce electrical energy that can be transferred over the network.

WEM - Wave Energy Module

In WOM, the motion of the floating devices activates the internal pumps, which transfer seawater, under high pressure, toward the reverse osmosis system. The desalinated water that is obtained from this procedure can then be distributed on land or at sea as needed.